Specifiers Guide

Download the Awning and Canopy Specification Guide:

Choosing a fabric for your awning or canopy

A wide variety of appealing colors, patterns and fabric selections.

With a vast color palette and myriad design options, awnings and canopies enhance visual appeal. Bold, vibrant red and orange fabrics create highly effective focal points. Earth tones and organic greens can be employed as unifying elements in plush, wooded and even desert gardens. Gentle blues and grays present engaging contrast to use for balance or repetition.

Modern synthetic yarns give fabric structures greater strength and flexibility than ever before. Coatings, laminates and topcoatings provide outdoor fabrics with protective qualities. Today’s fabrics can withstand wind, sun, rain and snow, yet they retain their flexibility and good looks for years.

Regardless of your design objectives, awnings and canopies provide shade and protection from inclement weather, and are more economical to build and maintain than comparable masonry and wood structures.

All awning fabrics have been rigorously tested in laboratory and field situations for weathering, durability, and flame-retardancy. The fabrics used for awnings and canopies will differ slightly in weight and translucency. Your local awning manufacturer can advise you on the best choice for your home.