This year IFAI celebrates its 100 Year Anniversary. A significant number of the founding companies are still in business and PAMA members. This attests to these companies’ ability to change with the times, by keeping up with new equipment, products, fabrics, techniques and new technology, as well as consistently providing high quality products and services to both residential and commercial markets. In addition, the longevity of these awning companies demonstrates ongoing reliability — that buyers wanted over a hundred years ago, want today and in the future.

As part of ATA’s 100 Year Anniversary, PAMA recognizes member companies that have been in business 100 years or more.


1840 Evanston Awning (G.B. Carpenter & Company), Evanston, IL
1844 Marygrove Ohio (Wilcox Awning of Toledo), Toledo, OH
1853 John Boyle & Co. Inc.,– Now Tri Vantage LLC.
1855 Coye’s Canvas & Awnings, Grand Rapids, MI
1861 Hudson Awning Co., Bayonne, NJ
1865 Ohio Awning & Mfg. Co., Cleveland, OH
1866 Pease Awning, East Providence, RI
1870 Baker-Lockwood Western Awning, Grandview, MO
1876 Wm. J. Mills & Co., Greenport, NY
1876 The Astrup Company – Now Tri Vantage LLC.
1877 Engineered Textile Products, Mobile, AL
1877 Glawe Awnings & Tents, Fairborn, OH
1877 Queen City Awning, Cincinnati, OH
1880 Glen Raven, Glen Raven, NC
1880 Sunair Awnings & Screens, Jessup, MD
1881 Pike’s Awning, Woodbridge, Ontario
1888 Atlantic Awning, Melrose, MA
1888 Goodwin-Cole, Inc., Sacramento, CA
1891 Pike Awning Co., Portland OR
1892 Anchor Industries, Evansville, IN
1893 Peoria Tent & Awning, Peoria, IL
1896 Rainier Industries, Seattle, WA
1898 Awnings by Bigley and Hogshire, Newport News, VA
1899 The Godske Co., Racine, WI
1901 Kansas City Tent & Awning, Kansas City, MO
1902 Ponca Products, Wichita, KS
1903 Chilson’s Shops, Easthampton, MA
1903 Out West Awning Co., Colorado Springs, CO
1910 Phoenix Tent & Awning, Phoenix, AZ
1911 Memphis Delta Tent & Awning, Memphis, TN
2013 South Akron Awning, South Akron Ohio will be 100 next year

IFAI HISTORY – The Early Years

On September 12, 1912, fourteen manufacturers of canvas and awnings met at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver and formed the National Tent & Awning Association.

The manufacturers decided to establish the trade association initially to set standard weights and prices for canvas products, actions that would be considered illegal today. They also sought to form a unified voice to counter the price-setting strategies of their suppliers, the cotton mills.

Since this first gathering, the association has expanded in scope and purpose to become the largest textile trade association in the world.

Today, the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) ranks in the top 10 percent of all the thousands of U.S. trade associations in size of membership, operating budget and professional size.