Inditex, Jeanologia develop Air Fiber Washer

Inditex and Jeanologia have jointly developed Air Fiber Washer, the first industrial air system designed to extract microfibers during garment fabrication and thus reduce subsequent shedding in domestic laundering. Microfibers are small particles with a length of less than 15 millimeters that are shed from textiles, especially during initial domestic washes. This is one of [...]

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Jeanologia reduces garment finishing water consumption

Jeanologia, the Spain-based company developing eco-efficient technologies, reduced water consumption from 100 to 1 liter from the fabric to the finished garment thanks to its technologies. For World Water Day, celebrated on March 22, Jeanologia reminds us that the textile industry is one of the most water-consuming, most wastewater-producing and one of the most polluting. [...]

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