Pulcra Chemicals acquires Devan

Pulcra Chemicals, a specialty chemicals company headquartered in Geretsried, Germany, has acquired Devan. Known for its antimicrobial range BI-OME, Devan recently introduced a wide range of bio-based textile finishes and has a long standing in thermoregulation and flame retardants. Devan has offices in the U.K., Portugal, the U.S. and has a team based in Shanghai. [...]

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Devan’s allergen control technology effective against pollen

Devan’s allergen control technology, known as Purissimo™, has been found effective against allergens from pollen. The technology had already been proven to significantly reduce the amount of allergens from house dust mites and pets. Purissimo is a natural allergen control technology that is based on encapsulated probiotics, which are naturally occurring microorganisms similar in kind [...]

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