Accelerating Circularity launches Cellulosic textile-to-textile trials in Europe

Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre Ltd. collected and pre-processed cotton textiles thrown away by consumers that could not be reused as clothing or used as material for recycled products. Photo: Joonas Lumpeinen Accelerating Circularity is an action-oriented nonprofit focused on textile-to-textile recycling at a commercial scale through a collaborative, stakeholder-led approach. In mid-2022, they launched [...]

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Accelerating Circularity launches textile recycling directory

If they aren’t recycled, discarded textiles are often incinerated or end up in a landfill like this one. Photo: Creative Commons Accelerating Circularity is an action-oriented nonprofit focused on scaling textile-to-textile recycling through a collaborative approach. The mission is to create new supply chains and business models to turn spent textiles into mainstream raw materials [...]

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Accelerating Circularity Europe launches polyester textile-to-textile trials 

Accelerating Circularity’s mission is to design and implement commercial systems in which textile waste is repurposed as raw material through reuse and recycling, and therefore ensure that they are not incinerated or sent to landfills. For the last year, Accelerating Circularity Europe has been working with their European Steering Committee, Spent Textile, and Brand & [...]

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